3D stairs under stairs at the US Embassy in Jakarta

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The 3D staircase under stairs that were installed at the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia was installed under a new staircase design and a new design of the main stairs at a cost of US$3.6 million, the Jakarta Post reported Wednesday.

The staircases were built under the new stairs at an expense of US $3.5 million, and they are located on the second floor of the embassy, according to a statement released by the Department of State.

“The building will serve as the headquarters of the Department for Religious Freedom and the Office of Special Counsel for the Prevention of Discrimination against LGBTI Persons,” the statement said.

A statement from the US embassy in Jakarta read: “This is an important step in advancing our mission to serve the interests of religious minorities in Indonesia and globally.

We thank the United States Government for its support for the installation of these new elevators.

We are proud to serve as a home to religious minorities worldwide who have struggled to achieve equal treatment under the law and the rule of law.

We will continue to be guided by the highest standards of religious freedom, human rights and equality for all people.”

The US embassy’s statement continued: The new elevator elevators will provide equal access to all of the elevators in the embassy for all individuals of religious and other faiths who wish to use them.

The new elevations will also provide an opportunity for Indonesians and other foreign visitors to travel in comfort in our country, with an option for their family members to be able to travel on them.

In the statement, the U