A Walk in the Park in Washington DC

In the Washington DC suburbs, the outdoor wooden stair installation is a popular spot for families to enjoy the outdoors, but what about the kids?

According to the National Park Service, more than 100,000 children visit the park each year, many of whom use the wooden stairs to get around the playground.

It turns out that many of the wooden stair installations are built for kids, and they’re also used by families with small children.

In fact, more kids use outdoor stairways to get from one room to another, according to a report by the National Parks Conservation Association.

In Washington DC, children as young as 8 are seen using the stairways at least once a day, according the National Safety Council, and the majority of them use the stairs to climb stairs.

“The number of children using the outdoor stairs has increased dramatically over the past decade and the increase is due in part to the installation of these steps,” the safety council noted in its report.

“As a result, many children are using outdoor stairs for the first time, or even years before.

We are not sure why the increase has occurred, but we think it may be due to safety improvements in the stairway installation, such as more children using them in the fall.”

For some parents, the stairs are a great place to introduce their children to the outdoors and their families.

“When I saw the video of the steps, I just fell in love with the outdoor stairway,” one mother told NBC Washington.

“I didn’t know where to go in the house.

I saw it and thought, I want to use that.”

The wooden stairs are built in a series of steps, with the first set being about 30 feet long, and are designed to be used by adults who can walk the entire length of the staircase without assistance.

The second set is about 30-foot tall, and is also designed to use by people who can’t walk the length of it.

This third set of steps is about 35-feet long, with a fourth set, which is about a foot wider, that is also used to reach children.

“These stairs are designed for kids who can climb stairs, so they are a fantastic option for kids,” Sarah O’Malley, a member of the safety commission, said.

“They are really easy to use, and have very long reach, and when you use them with a child, you can get a very healthy workout in a safe environment.”

The safety council also said that children should not be allowed to use these stairs in a child-friendly setting, but it is not clear how the installation should be performed.

“Although there are safety improvements that are being made, we do not recommend this method for children because of the potential for injury and harm,” the council noted.

The safety commission recommended that children not be using these stairs because they are unsafe for them to use and because they can damage the stairs, and that the stairs be removed.

But this wasn’t the only thing that parents are concerned about.

A Washington DC family told NBC News that they decided to leave their outdoor wooden staircase after they heard a lot of people calling it unsafe for their children.

The family said they are worried that the installation could break down or the stairs could get slippery and slide down.

“We are a family of six,” the family said.

They said they didn’t want their kids to climb the stairs and said they have never seen a child fall off.

“If they could go up, I’d be more than happy to see them climb up,” the mother said.

The wooden stairway is currently undergoing a $2 million renovation and is expected to be completed in 2018.