Bed-stair walkers are a big hit in NYC!

The trend has spread across the country.

But for the first time, NYC’s bed-stewardly residents are being welcomed with open arms.

The bed-steppers are making their way to New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and other major U.S. cities.

“They’re like the new hipsters, they’re like, ‘Hey I need help in my home and this is what I’m going to do to help,’ ” said Rachel Mazzone, executive director of the Bed-Stepper Network, a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities get the right help.

“The bed-walker phenomenon has definitely been very visible in the last couple of years in many cities around the world,” Mazzon said.

The bedwalker phenomenon is similar to the popular online dating site OkCupid.

But unlike OkC, bed-walkers are not allowed to post explicit photos or videos of themselves.

The only rule is that they have to be at least five feet tall and have to have an open bed.

For now, the number of bed-sitting residents has remained flat.

In New York, where many people are comfortable with public-facing entrances, there are only about 20 bed-spinner residents per year.

The trend is expected to continue.

“We think this will be the norm in the U.K. and Europe for quite some time,” Mizzoni said.

Mazzone said she expects to see a boom in the popularity of bed walkers, which are often more attractive than other kinds of residents.

“When people first started posting their pictures online they were looking for people with big faces, big muscles, big eyes,” Mitzone said.

“It wasn’t until they saw these photos on TV and were like, This is what my life looks like, this is who I am, this person is a great role model, that they started to realize they could be really awesome.”

Mazzoni said the Bed Steppers Network is trying to make sure people with physical limitations like autism, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries get the help they need.

“The beds that we provide are the best beds you can imagine.

They have a lot of support systems that are designed specifically for people who have those disabilities,” Mizone said.”

The Bed Stepper Network has seen a spike in demand in the past couple of weeks, with an increase of nearly 500% since it was started a year ago.

The organization is currently trying to recruit more than 200 new volunteers.