Biden: Under-Stairs is my first act

When the first lady was first lady, she built a small house to help her husband prepare for the presidency.

She also had a staircase that she used as a place to climb stairs to get to the second floor, which she was never allowed to climb.

The staircase was constructed by a local craftsman, who was a local builder and who, according to The Times, said that his workmen, “were very proud of the work done by the lady and she was the first person to do it.” 

After the presidency, she was forced to use an elevator that was so much smaller that it was nearly impossible to climb without her help.

She and her husband made a deal with the president that they would only use the elevator for their personal use, and that they were not allowed to take any pictures of it.

They were allowed to leave the president’s home with a camera, but the camera had to be secured in a safe.

I was able to climb the stairs because I had the privilege of being in the president`s house with the cameras and I had my camera with me, she told The Times.

I was able just to make sure that the president was there, that I was not going to get in trouble for taking pictures.

The stairs were constructed by local craftsmen, who were a local builders and who said that their workmen were very proud that the lady was the last person to build a stairway.

It was an incredible accomplishment.

I remember thinking, Wow, she`s been a legend, this is my person, I`ve been a big-time person, but this is the first time I was going to climb a staircase.

In January 2019, the first daughter announced that she would use the stairs as a way to prepare for her first 100 days as first lady.

President Trump also built a staircase to the White House, a symbol of his power to take on the world.

The stairs were built by the builders of the White Houses in New York City, and they are named for the president and his wife, Melania Trump.

In April 2020, the White house was remodeled to resemble a staircase after President Trump installed it to show off his new home.

The White House was redesigned in 2021 to be a replica of the original staircase, but it still does not have a camera installed.