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The exterior of a wooden dog steps outside a hotel in Santiago, Chile, on Jan. 1, 2018.

(Photo: Juan Carlos Martinez, AP)The wooden dog stairs, which cost about $10,000 to build and were put up in the hotel’s lobby and other rooms, were painted a red and white color scheme to evoke a Christmas spirit.

The stairs also featured a lighted Christmas tree, an image of Santa Claus and the word “Pancho Villa” on the outside.

A sign in Spanish reads “Pancake” in the window of a room in the Hotel Santa Maria de Santiago.

(Image: Juan C. Martinez, Associated Press)Inside the hotel, Santa Maria’s staff wore white coats and hats as they greeted guests.

A man in a red hat and coat came to greet guests and make sure they were seated in the room, said Carlos Castaneda, Santa Rosario’s chief operating officer.

The steps were removed last month after residents complained about the noise they made, said Maria Maria Carcamo, Santa Barbara County’s public works director.

A visitor walks past a room decorated with a tree decorated with the word ‘Panchu Villa’ outside the Hotel La Raza de Santiago on Nov. 26, 2016 in Santiago.

The steps are gone but the hotel remains decorated with colorful holiday decorations and a Christmas tree.

(Credit: Miguel Medina, AP; Mireia Garcia, AFP)Santa Maria de Chile opened in 1868.

It is located in a rural area of southern Chile’s Santa Cruz Province and is the third oldest hotel in the country.