GOP lawmaker calls for Trump to make wheelchair accessible to the disabled

The chair of the House Transportation Committee has called for the President to make it possible for the disabled to use the wheelchair accessible stairs in the White House.

Rep. Mike Thompson (R-NY) said in a statement Monday that he wants the President “to do everything possible to ensure that wheelchair users are able to get up and down stairs safely.”

The statement came as the president announced the nomination of Dr. Andrew Kolodny to be the next head of the National Institutes of Health.

He said at a White House ceremony that the NIH has the highest throughput rate of any NIH institution and is home to the nation’s largest medical research program.

“President Trump’s HHS has made wheelchair accessibility a top priority and will continue to work with the White Houses Office of Disability Services and the Department of Justice to provide accessibility for disabled Americans,” Thompson said in the statement.

The White House announced that KolodNY would head the Office of National AIDS Policy in February.

He is also a director at the World Health Organization and is a former deputy assistant secretary of health for AIDS at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.