Hot tub stairs ‘rebuilding’ with the help of local people

Hot tubs are back in the spotlight after a local resident was rescued from the stairs of a home in the city of Chikungunya.

The man, who is not identified, climbed the stairs with his hands on his hips, the AFP news agency reports, saying he was not a resident of the village, which is near the town of Oyo in central Tanzania.

The AFP reported that local officials said the man, identified as Jomie M, climbed up the stairs and then crawled into a nearby bathroom to hide his injuries.

He had been in a bathtub with his head resting on the wall.

“He was screaming, ‘I’m a witch, I’m a human being’,” Oyo village resident and activist Oyo Mweza said.

Local residents are outraged about the incident and have demanded that authorities help rescue the man and get him home safely.

The BBC’s Jonathan Head in Tanzania says authorities are also investigating whether the man was hurt during the rescue attempt.

“The villagers of Omo are outraged, angry and angry, and they are not satisfied that it has been handled properly,” Mwezas told the BBC.

“We want justice for Jomies injuries.”

The BBC also reported that the man has not been identified, although the AP news agency cited local officials as saying that he is a resident.

Tanzania has a long history of witchcraft, which dates back to ancient times, but it has largely been suppressed in recent decades.

Local people are worried that witchcraft could resurface in a country where some of the country’s most famous witch trials took place in the 1950s and 1960s.

There has also been a spike in reported cases of unexplained disappearances and cases of suspected witchcraft in recent years.

The country has been under pressure from international donors to improve the quality of life and end witch-hunts, but its efforts have been met with strong resistance from the countrys traditional leaders.

The AP reports that the AFP report did not identify the man who jumped the stairs.

The Associated Press contributed to this report