How a $5 million renovation can save the life of a dog

A $5.5 million project in central Florida has given a dog a new home.

Dorothy the Maltese was a stray when she wandered into the neighborhood last year and started eating trash, but her owners thought she might be a good pet for a new apartment.

They installed a new kitchen and bathroom for her, and put a balcony on her balcony so she could walk around it.

Dora was placed in a crate in her owner’s garage and they decided to renovate the house for the dog, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

She was given a new name and her owners got a new place to live in town, but the renovation was a slow process, said Michelle Dickson, Dora’s owner.

When the house finally opened, it had no lights, no air conditioning, and no carpet.

Dorsa had a new heart and now sleeps in a cage in the living room, and she spends about 90 minutes a day walking on her leash.

Doral says the $5,000 renovation was worth it because she feels much better.

She was not able to walk, eat or sleep.