How to build a portable staircase

By now, you’ve probably heard of the humble portable stairs.

It’s basically a staircase built from plastic bags.

If you don’t want to lug around all those plastic bags around, you can easily create one with your own kitchen and build it out of wood or scrap metal.

It takes some work, but the process can be quite easy and relatively cheap.

Here’s how to get started.1.

Prepare your kitchen2.

Cut out a small wooden staircase for your stairsThe first step in the process is to make sure you have the right wood.

Most woodworking supplies can be found at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Lowe’s Superstore.

The more expensive stuff tends to have more natural materials like birch, fir, or cedar, so be sure to check with your local hardware store for the most accurate prices.3.

Prepare the wood You’ll need about 3 1/2 feet of 2×4 wood.

You’ll want about 8 inches of 2-inch diameter pine for your bottom step, and about 6 inches of 1-inch long 2×6 lumber for the top step.4.

Cut the wood outStep 1: Cut the 2×2 into 3 piecesStep 2: Cut out the piecesStep 3: Cut and sand the woodStep 4: Cut a template outStep 5: Cut off the edgesStep 6: Use a router to create the templateStep 7: Cut it outStep 8: Use glue to glue the templates togetherStep 9: Apply the glueStep 10: Apply primerStep 11: Glue the templates to the wood with primerStep 12: Carefully glue the wood to the wooden stepStep 13: Careful gluing the wood and wood steps togetherStep 14: Glaze the wood for your finished staircaseThe steps to make your portable stairs are fairly simple.

First, you’ll want to take your wood pieces and glue them together.

Then, cut out a template and cut out an appropriate distance for your step.

Glue everything together, and you’re done!

Your staircase is ready to go.

Once you’re finished, you should be able to put a metal plate on your staircase and attach it to your door or window.

You can even put a doorbell on your stairs, which is much nicer than putting a door down on your kitchen counter.

You could also do this with your front porch.

The steps on your porch can also be a nice touch.

You may also want to add a few pieces to your staircase for a more modern look.

Here’s the finished staircase.

The metal plate isn’t a necessity, but it does add a nice visual element.

You can also add a light and reflective surface to the base of your stairs.

You don’t have to use a lot of the metal as long as it’s clear, but some people like to add reflective surfaces on their stairs for added durability.

The stairs are pretty sturdy.