How to fix the broken elevator in the White House

The president’s administration has been under fire for its handling of the response to Hurricane Harvey, which has displaced millions.

Trump’s advisers say they have done an “impressive job” but are looking for ways to improve.

Here are six things the administration has to do to get back on track.


Rebuild the White Senate chambers.

Since taking office, the president has made it a priority to rebuild the White Houses ceremonial halls.

His budget request includes $100 million to build the new Oval Office, the White Tower, the Presidential Rotunda and the new Presidential Library.

That will require $1.5 billion in new construction.

“It’s not just about new construction, it’s about a lot of new design,” said Sen. John Barrasso John Anthony BarrassoGOP senator says Trump has ‘a problem’ on Kavanaugh The Hill’s Morning Report — Senate Judiciary panel to vote on Kavanaugh live: Trump to meet with Democrats MORE (R-Wyo.).

“It doesn’t have to be just about the buildings.

The people are going to be thrilled with the new design.”


Build an entire White House-themed theater in the Rose Garden.

The president recently hosted the first presidential town hall in the country, which was broadcast live to the nation on Twitter.

He wants to expand that tradition to other venues across the country.

“We need to put a whole new building there, an entire theater, to put people in the Oval Office,” he said.

“That’s not going to happen until 2020.

I’m talking about an entire movie theater, a whole movie theater.”


Give a speech in the Capitol Rotunda.

The House of Representatives will have to pass a spending bill this week to fund the president’s agenda.

But Senate Republicans say they need a bipartisan deal to fund Trump’s agenda, and they are looking to make it easier for them to do that.

A budget request to fund an entire administration would cost about $1 billion, but Barrasso said the White house should be able to handle itself without having to pay for anything.

“The White House is one of the few institutions that can do what the president wants to do,” he told reporters in June.

“He wants to get rid of Obamacare.

So that’s not something we need to pay, but he can get rid [of] other things that he wants to take care of.”


Add a full-size statue of Lincoln to the Capitol grounds.

The White House was the site of a massive slave rebellion in the late 1800s, which led to the founding of the Confederate States of America.

In his farewell address, Trump said it was important to keep the nation together.

“This great nation is founded on the strength of its people, and the strength and determination of its convictions, and not by force, or violence, or intimidation,” he wrote.

“So I know that the history of the American people is not one of blood and soil, but of liberty and justice for all.”


Keep the Capitol in its original shape.

The Capitol was designed by John C. Calhoun, a conservative former president who built the nation’s first courthouse and served as the first vice president.

Calhoun used the dome, the main plaza and the rotunda as a “public forum” for discussing issues, according to his memoirs.

But the structure has been damaged by storm damage and water, making it difficult to use the space for formal meetings.

Barrasso suggested the White Council on Historic Preservation could design a new structure for the Whitehouse.


Add new bathrooms and showers in the West Wing.

Trump is considering adding new bathrooms to the West House, a historic building at the Capitol that is one block away from the White Room.

The building has been used as the White White House for the past 200 years.

“There’s been a lot written about it that’s been so poorly done, but it’s an amazing historic structure,” Barrasso told reporters on June 24.

“I think there’s room for a lot more improvements.”