How to get rid of a slippery metal staircase

The slippery metal stairs that line Sydney’s streets are a major source of complaints from residents.

But the stairs can also be an annoyance for the public.

Here are some steps you can try to keep your stairs looking good and safe.1.

Check for corrosion2.

Check the floor for damage3.

Check if there is an obstruction4.

Check whether the steps have a railing5.

Check your local council for instructions on installing themIn some areas, such as central Sydney, the slippery metal steps are a problem.

A new report by the Council for Local Government NSW found that many residents had complained about the stairs since their installation in the early 2000s.

The report noted that steps on the roadways are not always marked.

But the report also found that some stairs are so slippery that they are prone to damage by people standing on them.

A report by Australian Safety Council found that steps with a metal edge were the most common cause of broken glass.

If you notice any steps that are slippery and not marked, please call the local council office or visit their website.