How to install the cabinet under your stairs (and how to turn it off)

By now, you probably have an understanding of how to install cabinets under your staircase.

You’ve probably been told that installing cabinets under stairs is hard, but that’s probably because cabinets under stairwells are generally a pain.

But installing cabinets underneath stairs is actually a relatively simple process that’s well worth the effort. 

I’m going to share my method of installing cabinets below stairs that you might not have been able to do on your own.

I’m going out on a limb here, because if you’re looking for the easiest way to install a cabinet under the stairs, you’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

But if you’ve ever wanted to do that, this is the place to be. 

How to install an 8-foot-tall cabinet under an 8×10 foot staircase 1.

Remove the first floor wall above the staircase.

I recommend removing the first wall, but you can also remove the first-floor wall if you don’t want to remove the entire staircase.

If you don.

This step can be tricky, but I’ll show you how.

Remove the first 2 1/2 inches (6 centimeters) of the wall above.

Here’s how you do it: 1.

Unscrew the top bolt on the wall, and then carefully remove the bolt. 


Remove 4 screws from the backside of the bolt, and pull them off the wall.


Now you have to remove a piece of 3/4″ (1.6 centimeters).

This is what’s known as the hinge bolt.

It holds the second- and third-floor trusses in place. 


Unbolt the first truss from the wall using the bolt holding it in place, and remove the bolts from the top of the truss. 


Now remove the trampoline, as well as the top and bottom screws.


Pull the two bolts holding the tramps in place off the trams, and use a large, flat-head screwdriver to pull them free.


Using the bolt you just pulled out, carefully slide the tramping legs off the bottom tramp.


Now, using the other bolt holding the floor tramp in place (which we’ll discuss later), pull the floor-tramp legs free and then slide the remaining bolts off. 


Remove and discard the two 2×8-foot screws holding the bottom and second-floor panels in place above the tracings.


Now use a screwdriver or another flat-headed screwdriver on the screws to pull the bottom panel free.

Remove as many screws as you can. 


Use a screw driver or other flat- headed screwdriver to slide the panel off the upper tramp, freeing the floor panel. 


Now slide the top panel free, and lift it free of the lower tramp using the same screwdriver you pulled off the panels earlier.


Now free the floor panels off the panel above the first panel, using a screw in the same spot you removed them. 


Slide the panel free of its top panel and onto the second panel.


Slide both panels free of their bottom panels and onto each other.


Remove all screws holding in place the top tramp and second tramp on the bottom floor. 


Slide all of the panel panels off and onto one another.


Using your flat-heads, remove the screws holding a tramp-level floor panel in place on the lower floor.


Use the screwdriver that came with the panel you just removed to lift the trammels off of the floor.

Remove them and then lift the panel to the tram level.


Slide each panel back onto the wall below.


Slide and free the two tramp tramps and the two panels above them.


Slide them off and into the wall to finish off the staircase’s first floor.