How to make the perfect dog stairs

You know when you’re in a dog park and you find a dog who’s been missing for a week?

You’re probably looking for a way to help.

And, in fact, if you’re lucky, you may even have found a perfect staircase for your dog.

In fact, the stairs you can make in your backyard are actually quite simple.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to make a dog staircase from a scrap of paperYou’ll need:Paper scraps, a scrapbook or a scrap from a nearby newspaper or magazine.

How much?

You can use a few sheets of scrap paper to make about two dozen dog stairs.

But what’s really neat is that you don’t need to have a dog for this step.

Simply make a staircase that looks something like this.

It’ll look like a normal dog step, but will be perfect for your home.1.

Put down the scraps of paper you’ve just made.2.

Fold one side down to form a circle.3.

Fold the other side down into the circle.4.

Cut the circle in half.5.

Add the folded paper circle to the other half.6.

Cut out the center of the circle, making a straight line that runs through the bottom of the step.7.

Cut a hole in the center.8.

Fold a paper strip around the center to form the stairs.9.

Roll the stairs out to form an arch.

The top of your dog stairs should look something like a white painted staircase.

It’s also easier to make than your usual dog steps, because you don’ have to put down the scrapbook to create the stairs and because the dog stairs will have a better finish.

The dog stairs also look like stairs to the dog park because they’re straight and sturdy.

So, don’t worry if your dog doesn’t jump on it.

Just make sure he doesn’t bite.

When you’re done, it’s easy to put a dog stair down.

Just lay down the remaining scraps of scrapbook paper and make sure you have the dog steps out of the way.

Now you can start on the next step.