How to tell whether your house is haunted

A sign that reads ‘Hallway stairs’ at the entrance to a house in San Francisco is part of a campaign to help warn homeowners that they are at risk of a haunted house.

Residents have been told to look out for the sign and to take precautions.

They can also report sightings to the San Francisco Fire Department.

San Francisco’s landmark staircase was installed in 1910 and was intended to help people who needed to access their homes from their bedrooms.

However, it is now a popular tourist attraction and attracts up to 50,000 visitors a year.

It has also been linked to numerous cases of paranormal activity, including deaths.

It was designed to be able to lift up and down, so that visitors could walk up and see through a doorway.

However there are reports of people falling down the stairs and experiencing ghostly experiences. 

The sign in San Franciscas hallway reads ‘Welcome to San Francisco Hallway’.

Courtesy of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors