Lego stairs: Legos with a real price tag

The latest installment in the Legos-themed stairway craze is Legos for Bannisters.

The $40 “staircase” is designed to house your Lego sets.

It is made of metal and plastic and weighs about 10 pounds.

A Lego “man” has to step on it to unlock the stairs.

“I think people really enjoy it,” said Mark Miller, the co-owner of Sticky’s Brick House.

“It is just fun to do.”

The company says its first brick house is set to open in July.

A second one is planned for October.

There are no plans to expand.

Lego for Banners and Signs has also been getting buzz.

The company plans to install signs at the entrances of Legos in front of restaurants and hotels.

The first sign will feature a picture of Lego characters and an emoji of a “lady” and “boyfriend.”

The signs will be installed by August.

The next sign will be unveiled later this month, with a date to be announced later.

If you’re a Lego fan, the company has an exclusive discount for you.

For one month, you can buy 10 bricks for $10 each.

That includes a free Lego set of your choice, and if you buy 10 more, you get a free additional set.