Lego stairs, stain stairs: How to clean your own Lego

Legos have a reputation for being hard to clean.

That’s because of the Lego construction process, which uses thousands of tiny bits of Lego bricks to build every tiny detail of the building.

This means you can have a broken leg, but the best way to fix it is to put it back together again.

There are also lots of other problems with Lego, including how they are made and how they react to heat.

But Lego is also an amazing project and the makers of the iconic wooden blocks are now offering a solution.

“Lego is really easy to learn,” said Jody Schmitz, a Lego executive who has been designing Lego sets since the 1990s.

“We had a lot of people come up with ideas and they were all really good.”

Lego is made of mostly plastic, and it’s made from blocks of the same size as the bricks that are being used.

When Lego is rolled up, the plastic is held in place by a “fibreglass ring” which is made from the same plastic that the blocks are made from.

The fibreglass rings help hold the plastic together, while the “fiberboard” layer is designed to help hold on to the plastic and prevent it from separating.

Lego also has a layer of rubber to protect the fibreglasses and the rubber rings, which is designed specifically for Lego bricks.

The Lego rings are glued to the blocks and then used to make the bricks, so when you pull the bricks apart they break apart and start over.

But if you don’t want to break the Lego, there are also a variety of ways to make them apart.

Lego has become a global brand thanks to the success of its iconic bricks, and some of its fans are also very creative.

“There’s a lot more fun things you can do with the bricks,” said Schmitchz.

Lego is famous for its high-quality pieces and its innovative use of colour.

The company has released a series of Lego themed Lego sets, like the “Ender’s Game” and “Bricks of War”.

But its most recent line of bricks is an entirely new set called Lego Blocks.

The “Brick” line is an evolution of the “Legos” line of Lego sets.

“It’s like Lego and it looks like Lego, but it’s really much more,” said Lego senior product manager Daniel Stroud.

“You can put bricks in a lot different places.

You can put them in places where they’re not supposed to be.”

Lego has been creating Lego bricks for many years, but its first production run is still in the works.

This new line of sets comes with a number of special features.

It’s made of the exact same plastic as the sets that are currently being sold, and the fibres and rubber are now glued together in a way that makes it easier to remove and replace.

The blocks also come with a new set of “futuristic” Lego elements that are made with Lego bricks that were made by hand, rather than from plastics.

These Lego blocks are also made with a “cadence” method where Lego blocks can be glued together and then re-assembled again.

The final result is a set that looks almost exactly like Lego.

“This new line is a great way to go forward and we hope people will want to build the sets,” said Stroud, who is also vice president of global brand marketing for Lego.

He said that while the new sets will be available in a limited number of colours, the colour range will continue to expand.

The first batch of sets will go on sale in February 2019, and then more will be released.

Lego’s current line of blocks is currently available in two colours, white and black, but they will soon be available with other colours.

The brand is also expanding its range of bricks.

Lego will be adding new colour-changing bricks to its bricks.

In a press release, the company said that it plans to “make bricks of colour”, meaning bricks that have “bright and bold” designs, and can be made of many different colours.

Lego was also recently in talks to release Lego sets made from other materials, including metal and plastic.

The new set line is just one of the ways Lego is pushing the boundaries of its own brand.

The other is a new toy called Lego Bricks, which Lego is releasing for the first time in 2019.

Lego Backs are plastic bricks that can be used to build Lego blocks.

They can also be made from LEGO bricks.

“The LEGO Bricks line is the ultimate in toy bricks,” Lego said.

“Every Lego brick is made to order and they are always made by a team of dedicated craftsmen and scientists.

Lego bricks are a great building material and we are thrilled to bring this exciting new line to market.”