Man charged with murder of ‘tough-talking’ neighbour in Dublin

A man has been charged with the murder of a neighbour who lived in a two-storey house with stairs and a balcony.

John Taggart, 60, was charged with a range of offences including murder and attempted murder in the Dublin District Court.

Taggard was released on bail at the request of his solicitor on Monday.

“The Crown case is very complicated.

The evidence will be very difficult to reconcile with the evidence of the prosecution.

It is a very difficult case for the Crown,” Judge Michael McCarthy said at a brief adjournment hearing on Monday afternoon.

The man’s home in the village of Duncannon in the Co Tipperary area was discovered in September 2016 and the bodies of his wife and two children were found in the house.

The investigation is ongoing.

Targart lived alone in the home, and was a former member of the Republic of Ireland Football Association.

A garda source said Taggert had a history of mental health issues and a history that could be attributed to drug and alcohol use.

A statement read to the court by Mr Taggett’s lawyer said his client was “a loving, generous and dedicated husband, father, son and grandfather”.

He said he would be releasing a statement to the media later on Monday, but his family would not be attending.

Taggart’s wife, Mary Ann, who was living in the area at the time of the murders, had suffered a brain tumour.

She had a stroke and her family said she had not been able to walk or talk since.

“There is no doubt that the death of Mary Ann was the culmination of a very hard and tragic life.

It was a tragedy of a terrible nature,” Mr Tiggert’s lawyer, Michael Walsh, said.”

He has been a devoted husband and father to his wife, children and grandchildren for more than 50 years.

He was a dedicated husband and family man and would never, ever be found guilty of anything.”

The judge said he accepted the Crown had been seeking to suppress evidence from the past.

“We can’t allow that to happen, not now, not ever,” McCarthy said.