This is how the world’s most famous stairway looks like from above

The world’s tallest building has its own set of stairs and staircases.

Here, an artist’s rendering shows the three-story “Shannon’s Stairs” building in San Francisco.

A rendering of the building, on top of the Pacific Ocean, is shown in this July 2, 2018, file photo.

The city of San Francisco plans to add two more stairways to the top of its tallest building.

The first is on the first floor, a “shifted stair” that leads to the roof of the existing building.

It has a total of nine flights of stairs, which are controlled by a central control panel that can be programmed to automatically turn them to their “default” positions.

It will be replaced by a more modern version that has three sets of stairs instead of six.

(AP Photo/Ben Margot, File) The second, a three-level “Shaman’s Stair,” will be added on the second floor.

It is a “normal” staircase that will connect the building to the existing structure.

The third, a fourth-floor “Maiden Stair” will also be added to the building.

All four will have their own sets of staircases that are controlled automatically by a control panel.

The new staircases will be visible from all the other floors of the structure, making them visible from the street below.

The design will have a clear view of the ocean, a green roof, and “shaded” windows that give a sense of how much the building has changed.