Top 3 new home ideas for anyone who likes to be in the know

What’s the most amazing idea for someone who wants to keep their apartment in good condition?

It depends on what kind of house you’re in, says designer Mike Whelan.

‘If you’re a single person who’s living in a shared house and living in the same place, you’re really likely to have to think about whether you want to move out and go to a loft or to a new place, where you can have your own private space,’ he says.

‘But if you’re living in three or four different places, it can be really challenging to find that space.’

If you’re just starting out in the design industry, you might think that your house will look great from the outside, but the interior will need to be cleaned and made in a few months.

‘You can get into that mindset in a number of different ways,’ Whelann says.

For instance, you can make your house a bit more modern and modern and contemporary and then you can start to look at other types of houses and look at what types of ideas are being considered.

‘And then you’ll start to see what people are thinking about when they look at that.

And that leads to things like, “Why aren’t people building this house?”‘

It’s not like we’re looking at a house, and we’re building it in a certain way, it’s just like looking at the car.

We’re looking around, and sometimes it’s a bit strange to do that.’

You can start with a basic house, or you can add more furniture, or add more light and storage, and you’ll get to the point where you’re actually looking at your home from all different angles.

If you’ve got a lot of furniture, you’ll want to add more floor space.

You can add extra storage and make your kitchen more functional.

If your house is very traditional and is built to last, you may want to try to make the house look modern by adding more windows.

Whelanyan says that a number in the UK have moved into ‘retro-styled’ houses, with some using ‘slim and minimalist’ furniture.

‘They’re not going to be as retro as you’d like, they’re going to have a bit of a modern feel to them,’ he explains.

‘It can be more modern than the traditional house, but it’s not going be quite as beautiful.

You might want to change the colour, or make it a little more ornate.’

A lot of house designers will also be interested in what’s available for the cost of the house, which means you’ll be able to find out more about what’s in the home, including what the floor plan is and whether it’s got a basement or not.

‘There are so many options available for this kind of home,’ says Whelana.

‘The big thing is that you want it to be attractive to all kinds of people.’

Here’s what we know about the top 3 new house ideas for any person who likes a bit extra room, and how to find the right one for you.


‘Living in a Retro-Styled House’ Mike Whams has worked as a house designer and designer for a number years.

‘Retro-style’ means that you’ve made the house into something different from what it normally would be, says Wham.

‘When I was growing up, the house was always pretty much a straight-to-the-storey type of home.

It was usually built in a way that you had to get in and out and it was basically a two-storeys home, which meant that there were stairs and a roof and that sort of thing.’

Retro houses don’t have to be traditional, but you don’t want to go back to the old days of having a brick or stone house,’ he adds.

‘That’s where I think a lot people go wrong when they think about retro houses.

‘People think retro is a retro-stylish thing, but what they’re missing out on is the way in which it has been done over the years.’

What you need to know about: The first step in retro-style house design is to choose what type of house will suit your needs.

Then, choose what kind and how many bedrooms, baths and other features you want.

The best place to start is by deciding what type you want your house to be.

The key is to find an architect that knows the type of interior design that you’re looking for.

For example, Wham’s first house, the St Pauls in Oxfordshire, was built as a ‘retrogressive’ home, but he says it’s now becoming ‘more traditional’.

‘It’s a big house, it has a lot going on in it, it does have a lot in common with a traditional house,’ Wham says.

You want a house that is a bit modern, with a lot more storage