Trump’s first 100 days: First 100 days of Trump’s presidency

President Donald Trump has signed into law legislation that puts a nationwide ban on most abortions and imposes a requirement that insurers cover birth control coverage in Medicaid.

The measure was approved by the Senate on Thursday, the White House announced.

The new law makes it easier for states to impose a ban on abortion coverage or require abortion providers to offer other forms of birth control at no cost to women who cannot afford them, the Associated Press reported.

The legislation also requires abortion providers and insurers to cover a variety of contraception and sterilization services.

The AP reported that Trump’s signature came after his administration said he would sign the bill after signing a bill that requires the federal government to subsidize abortions and allow insurers to deny coverage for abortions and birth control for women who have insurance.

The bill also includes language that would extend federal payments to abortion providers who provide in-person counseling or refer women to their doctors.

The Associated Press has been unable to independently verify the reports.

The White House said the legislation will allow women who are in “severe financial hardship” to receive a tax credit of up to $750 a month.

Women who can’t afford the tax credit would be able to receive up to a $1,000 grant to cover abortion and contraception costs.

The law also would establish a national commission to look into ways to expand Medicaid to cover the cost of abortion services.