Watch: ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Season 6 Trailer Is an Exclusively Korean Show

Korean TV station KTBC is now streaming a teaser for season 6 of Kimmy and D.B.G. in English.

In the teaser, Kimmy (played by Anna Kendrick) and D’Brickashaw (played, of course, by Samuel L. Jackson) are seen sitting on their beds with a television in one hand and a coffee cup in the other.

The pair watch TV while sitting on the sofa, while D’brickashawa sits on a chair and smiles.

We’ve seen a lot of Korean TV shows that use Korean language to create an English-speaking world, so it’s nice to see the show’s English-language creators take the time to create a more authentic Korean show, one that’s also a TV show.

As we said in our review of season 1, “The Unbreaking Kimmy,” it’s great to see an English language version of a Korean show that takes advantage of Korean characters, as well as the unique language that makes Korea so unique.

Watch the teaser above.