What do you think of Harry Potter stairs?

Harry Potter was built on the idea of the staircase and it’s always been a part of the franchise.

Harry’s own mother, Hermione, famously used to get on the stairs when she went out.

In the books, the stairs are just for the girls and for Harry, they’re for the boys.

It’s a little bit like the original Hogwarts castle, but with a bit more of a twist. 

The idea behind the stairs has always been that it would be a fun way for Harry to get up and down the stairs, which is a bit odd, given the castle is built on a solid foundation. 

I think it’s really interesting how much of a story they’ve told in the books and how much we’ve seen in the movies.

When we first see the Hogwarts castle it’s all about the castle, and then when we finally get to Hogwarts, we get a lot more of that and we’re seeing more of the world around it. 

There are many different types of stairs in Harry Potter, but there are also the ones that you can walk up and you can get off and climb on, which I think is a very cool idea. 

Now, we’ve had some really cool and cool things in the past few years, and I think we all have a pretty good idea of what we want to see in the next films.

But I think it would have been really cool if the idea had been to just put the stairs on the bottom of the lake, and not have them be like a giant platform or something. 

And the way they’ve built it is very much in keeping with the idea that Harry was built to walk up the stairs.

And I think that’s just a really cool idea that I think fans are going to love, because I think people want to go up the steps and see the castle.