What you need to know about the new Underwood Hotel, a creepy staircase in San Francisco

The Underwood hotel, located at the intersection of Howard and Castro Streets in San Diego, is a very weird building.

It has an underground hallway that leads to an outdoor staircase, which is actually the top of the stairs.

Inside, you can see a couple of rooms, one with a large bed and another with an old-fashioned couch.

A little-used balcony overlooks the outdoor staircase.

The Underwood, which was built in 2008, is one of the more visually unique hotels in the city.

There’s a little-known secret beneath the hotel’s roof.

You can actually see stairs below the ground, which are hidden by a massive wall of dirt.

That wall is actually built into the ground in the hotel, so when the building is under construction, it can get very muddy.

The hotel itself has a secret room that can only be accessed by opening a hatch in the wall.

The Underwoods secret room is about half a block from the hotel.

The hotel is designed to have a little more privacy than most hotels, and the hotel has a lot of hidden doors.

I went to the hotel to find out more about the Underwoods mysterious underground staircase.

The building has a history of vandalism.

In 2010, a group of people called “The Ghost” knocked down a door in the basement of the building and cut through the ground with their bare hands.

The group also smashed windows in a windowless room, damaged the roof of the hotel and stole a lamp.

The Ghost is said to be from another dimension, but the hotel isn’t exactly an obvious home for the ghost.

According to the San Diego County Fire Department, there have been a lot more fires than fires in the past few years.

It is a dark, creepy building.

I think that’s what the ghost is looking for.

I’m just hoping to be able to see something.

The door in that basement was opened by someone who’s not in there right now, but I guess we can always look into that.

We visited the Underwood in August and it’s a lovely place.

The rooms are pretty nice.

The restaurant is really great.

I don’t know how you live without a good steak and chips.

I would have liked to see the staircase to the balcony, but that door is actually there.

The upstairs of the UnderWood hotel.