When did the rainbow ceiling first appear in a house

When did we first see a rainbow ceiling? 

A few years ago, we got a glimpse of one. 

It was in a home in India, in Kannada town in Maharashtra. 

When we looked through the window of the house and saw the ceiling, we were amazed. 

It was the first time we had ever seen a ceiling like that, and it took us a while to realise it was the ceiling of a house. 

The house was on the street in the city of Gwalior, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The family of the woman who lived there were renovating the home, when they noticed that the floor was covered in a rainbow of colors.

“When we saw it, we felt like we had entered another world,” the wife, Arulamha, told us. 

“We were just trying to understand what was going on, and then realised it was just a ceiling,” she said. 

When we asked them why the rainbow had appeared, they told us it was because the ceiling had been a roof tile. 

 The roof tile was the roofing material that covered the ceiling. 

In the late 1990s, roof tiles were made of different types of tile, and they were often used for roofing. 

However, this is not the first instance of a rainbow. 

There are a few other examples of ceiling tiles being painted over with rainbow colours. 

A few years back, a house in Japan was covered with a rainbow tile, as well. 

We decided to check if the rainbow floor was the same, and found that it was indeed a floor. 

According to the Maharashtra Home Minister, it’s not uncommon for ceiling tiles to be painted over, but there is no record of it being done in India. 

Arulamra also told us that a roof is usually painted over a rainbow floor, but that the house has never seen one.

“We had been planning to move the house, but when we got the idea of painting the ceiling with a new roof, we decided to do it,” she told us, adding that the ceiling was a bit too low to do the job. 

After we had painted the ceiling we asked the family if it was safe, and the woman told us she had not heard of any accidents with roof tiles. 

That was all. 

But what if it had happened? 

 What if it hadn’t been possible to paint the ceiling?

“It is a common misconception that only the roof is painted,” Arulabha said.

“You should paint a roof over the ceiling if you are planning to remove it. 

For instance, if you plan to move a house from one side to another, you can paint the roof over one side of the roof, and if you move a roof from one part of the ceiling to another you can remove the ceiling and paint it over.” 

She said she had no idea why she was told that she could not remove the floor and paint over the rainbow tile.

“My husband is an engineer, and he does the work for the household, and I am a nurse.

We are just regular people, and our house is in a different area of the city,” she added. 

As far as Arulas family is concerned, it will be safe to move out of the home. 

(The Hindu article is reproduced here with permission.)