When electric stairs aren’t an option, these DIY projects will take your family to the next level

Electric stairs are a popular way to travel between different locations in cities, but they don’t always offer the convenience of a bike or even a car.

Here are a few DIY electric stairs that could make your commute even more comfortable.


Wooden stairwell for kids with disabilities: The kids’ section of the San Francisco Public Library has an entire section devoted to children with disabilities.

This staircase will be a good option for kids who have to walk around the building with a wheelchair or a cane to get to places.

The wooden stairs are made with a custom made steel tube that’s easy to build.

This will keep the kids from getting stuck on the stairs.


DIY stairs for adults: This DIY stairs build by designer Adam R. Smith features a ladder to get people up to the top of a large staircase that goes from the basement to the first floor.

The ladder is attached to the wall with duct tape.


DIY electric stairways for children: This is a DIY staircase that you can build for your family with help from a professional.

The stairs are built out of wood with a special construction method that involves building a wall of metal that attaches to the stairs by means of a hook and loop system.

This is designed to give the kids the freedom to climb the stairs as they please.


DIY stairway for elderly parents: The DIY stairs are designed for elderly people who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

They can be built from a variety of materials and can be made from anything from cardboard to wood.

The wood on this staircase is specially treated to reduce wear and tear.


DIY walkway for seniors: This walkway can be constructed out of a variety and sizes of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

It’s built out with an open-air layout, so that the entire floor can be occupied by the elderly.


DIY wheelchair stairs: The wheelchair stairs are one of the easiest and most functional ways to get around a house.

They are built using wood, duct tape, and a wooden handlebar that can be attached to a wooden ladder.


DIY elevator stairs: This staircase is also one of a kind, as it uses wood and is designed so that it can be easily removed from the ceiling.

It can be a great way to get up and out of the house.


DIY ladder for seniors with disabilities and other mobility issues: The staircase is built out using duct tape and duct tape ladders.

This ladder is connected to a ladder with a hook-and-loop system.


DIY climbing stairs for seniors who can’t climb stairs: If you’re a parent who’s a big stairs fan, then you may be interested in using the stairs to climb your children’s staircases.

You can use these stairs as a climbing platform for your children.


DIY outdoor staircase for seniors and people with disabilities, including wheelchair stairs, for outdoor climbing: The outdoor staircase is designed with a walkway in the back that can accommodate wheelchair users.

This outdoor staircase allows the elderly and people who are severely disabled to get outdoors and climb stairs.

This stairway can also be used as a wheelchair access.


DIY steps for people with autism and sensory disabilities: This stair staircase is made out of metal with a loop system to get the elderly through the stairs, according to the website.


DIY staircase for disabled people with mobility problems: This stairs ladder is designed for people who cannot walk through the normal stairways, but can use the stairs for climbing.

The staircase can be climbed by a person who is blind or visually impaired.


DIY bicycle stairs: You can make a DIY bicycle staircase using a bicycle with a bicycle seat and a handlebar to help the elderly or people with a disability navigate stairs.

The bike will be attached using metal straps to the bottom of the stairs so that you and your family can easily climb them.


DIY indoor stairway: This indoor staircase is a fun project for children and adults with disabilities to build and use as an outdoor climbing platform.

You’ll need a lot of materials to build this stairs.


DIY bike stairs for wheelchair users: This bike stairs is built using duct taped materials, and is made of a durable material that will stand up to daily use.

This stairs will be made of wood or plastic, with a wide variety of sizes and colors.


DIY step ladder for disabled students: This step ladder is a great alternative to the traditional staircase that’s used for students who have disabilities.

The students can climb it with their hands, and it has a wide range of sizes to fit all kinds of children.


DIY escalator stairs: When you need to get on or off stairs, you can use this DIY escalators for your convenience.

The escalators are made of duct tape with a latch and loop on the bottom.


DIY balcony stairs: These stairs are an easy way to climb up