When the Joker stairs go dark…

Posted October 10, 2018 05:12:30The Joker stairs have been one of the most popular staircases in comics for years, and they’ve made a splash in movies and TV shows for their distinctive style.

The iconic staircase is now being stripped of its iconic red-and-black color scheme, and replaced with a bright green staircase.

The new design is designed by the Japanese studio, Taito.

Taito’s Joker stairs feature a dark green, metallic design with an LED lighting system, with a light-up staircase on either side of the stairwell, a black line marking the start and end of each level, and an orange-yellow line marking where the Joker jumps off.

Takuya Matsuzaki, a senior director at Taito, told Ars that the company wanted to keep the stairs in their original color scheme.

“The original color was orange, so we wanted to bring that back to the original color and use the LED lighting technology,” he said.

“So we decided to go with green.

The original color of the staircase is green.”

The new staircase is meant to mimic the look of a normal staircase, and is similar to the first version of the Joker staircase.

Matsuzak said he hopes to see it on TV shows, in films, and in the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie.

The first version was created for the animated film Smallville, and it’s possible it could be used in future DC Extended Universes.

The new stairs have not yet been seen on the big screen, though a teaser trailer has shown that they’re set in Gotham City.

The footage, which features two Joker statues, is the first trailer for the movie.