When you walk into a dog walker’s place: the world is a cruel place

Posted by Politico on Monday, August 25, 2019 10:53:24Dog walkers in Australia and New Zealand are facing a new law requiring them to remove the dog from the stairs they’re using to ascend them before entering their homes.

The law, introduced by New Zealand’s Government in July and set to come into force in December, says people living with dogs must “leave them alone” before entering the premises.

“When a dog is in a dog’s home it is expected that the dog will be in a separate room and that the person in the room with the dog is responsible for keeping it safe,” the legislation reads.

The move comes after Australian and New Zealander animal rights groups launched an online petition urging New Zealand to ban the law.

“I think it is a really big step to be able to protect animals and make sure that they are safe when they are in your home,” animal rights campaigner David Mears told The Australian Financial Review.

The legislation, passed by New Labour-led parliament in July, was hailed by animal rights activists as an important step in protecting animals from cruel homes and “a welcome move by New Zeland to stop dog owners in their homes from causing unnecessary harm to their animals.”

The law is the latest in a series of animal welfare measures introduced in Australia to make it harder for pet owners to keep animals in unsuitable homes.

In June, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced a bill to introduce “zero tolerance” rules for dog owners who leave animals in a home, despite there being no evidence that dogs can harm people.

In September, the government of New Zealand announced it was going to introduce a new “zero-tolerance” policy for owners who are found to have “inappropriately” left their dogs in dangerous or unsuitable conditions.

The Government also announced a $1.2 million fund for animal rescue and rescue-related groups, which will include funding to help those who have lost pets.