Why it’s time to rebuild a tower block in the middle of the city

A tower block built for the benefit of wealthy owners is being demolished to make way for a high-rise apartment building, with residents complaining of noise, congestion and the fear of air pollution.

Residents have been complaining of the tower block at the corner of New York Avenue and 42nd Street since last year, with many of the residents saying they have been left feeling excluded and unsafe.

The residents of the block have been trying to push the tower up to meet the building’s height requirements, but have been unsuccessful.

A spokesman for the developer said he had received many calls and emails from residents asking to move out of the building, and he had been working with the city to get it approved.

The building is at the intersection of 42nd and New York Avenues, a location that is normally occupied by residential buildings, such as apartment towers, with the owners of the properties occupying the buildings.

The developers of the site are the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), which owns the building.

However, it has been occupied by the owners since the 1990s.

The site is part of the Bronx’ East Bronx neighborhood, which is predominantly made up of single-family homes.

The block, which has two towers, is owned by the Hudson Development Company.

The development firm has been in talks with the NYCHA for several years to allow for a tower to be built on the site, which was originally designed to house a grocery store, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The owner of the property, the Hudson development company, told the Journal that the building will remain open for residents to live and work.

The developer, however, did not disclose how much money was being spent on the project.

It is unclear if the developer plans to build a hotel on the block.