Why the outdoor stairs at the top of the building at the new £2bn East Midlands hotel are getting the outdoor treatment

The new £20bn East Midland hotel has been announced as the first in the UK to be built with outdoor stairs.

The £2.6bn hotel at East Midlands is due to open in 2021.

It is expected to be the largest building in the city with a capacity of 5,000 rooms and a new restaurant and bar.

However, the hotel’s outdoor layout has been met with criticism by some critics, who say it is a ‘stairway to nowhere’.

Read moreEast Midlands Mayor Steve Evans has said the hotel will be a great place to stay, with a new food court and outdoor bar.

In the past, residents have been vocal about their concerns about noise, which is a key reason why it has been built in such a manner.

The East Midlands Development Authority (EMDA) has also released a short video to help residents understand how the new hotel will look, and how it will work.

The video is available on the website of the council’s environmental planning office.

The plan to install the stairs was drawn up by the design team working for the local authority, and is designed to reduce noise, reduce traffic, and encourage people to walk and cycle.

The new hotel is also expected to bring a new business and cultural hub to the city.

Read moreThe new building has been designed to create a quieter, more intimate environment.

Image copyright East Midlands Mayor’s OfficeImage caption The stairs are expected to reduce traffic to the hotel